Træna, the sound of the Arctic Circle

A little gem of a festival set on a nature's jewel box

First, going to Træna means a journey, a long yet beautiful journey, along the fjords, taking a boat from Bodø or Sandnessjøen for example.

The festival starts with the sea journey already.

An exciting and beautiful trip, before finally having a glimpse of the typical shadow of this magical and mystical Island, your face to the wind, trying to capture the vision of the island rising up from the sea.

Træna knows how to get desired, Træna is to be deserved

Finally approaching the land. To disambark on this tiny island is magical.

On the tiny ferry terminal, some kids are waiting for the tired travelers to help them carry their heavy luggage to the campsite, a good way for them to make some pocket money.


Then you need to pick a spot in the heathland to put up your tent, avoiding the too peaty spots, not too bumpy, not too much water, this year it has been raining a lot before the festival, not too exposed to the wind which also can blow your tent away before and after putting it up! 


But after these efforts, 3 days of happiness can start on the island where the sun never goes down...

This year the elements have decided to be a bit rough, windswept moor, driving rain.

But this doesn't prevent the "Havfolk", people of the sea, to be fully happy.

In fact, I have never seen so many smiles anywhere else in such a concentration of space and time!


The rain doesn't prevent the lovely havfolk to sing and to dance to the sound of the music that warms up the hearts and souls.


Vintage Trouble, who revisits blues, tinged with classic rock and soul, Patrice and his talentuous musicians who invited us on a melodious journey, Violet Road bringing everybody together thanks to their lively or melancholic tunes tinted of Nordic folk tradition, the 7 explosives and socialy engaged members of Dubioza Kollektiv who took us on a train that does not seem able to stop, Bare Egil Band, a one man Norwegian band and his humorous and ironic music show, in his nude with for only protection his guitar, Margaret Berger who delighted everybody, adults and children alike with her electropop tunes... All those artists, Norwegian, German, English, American... have made us dance, sing, cry, laugh.

The most mystical and magical concert takes place in the "Kirkhellaren", a natural cathedral cave located on the small island of Sana, taking to boat to reach Sana and walking on the island to reach the cave is already a magical and initiatory trip.

This year, it is the voice of Susanne Sunfør which raised up from this majestic cave such as a crystal-clear and divine call, making this moment a very special and unique instant.

And overall, Træna is 3 wonderful days together, the locals, the travelers, a lot of laugh, differents lifes crossing each other, and very special parties.

The 24hr daylight makes sleeping secondary or even unecessary... so the heart of Træna keeps on beating, the music goes on, the lam or the marinated whale served on a fishing boat, is it midday, is it midnight?

To give themselves a boost, a group of naked men dive into the freezing water from the harbour dock, coming out a few seconds later, euphoric.

And suddenly, the sun miraculously rises and offers the people of the island the most magical spectacle that can be, a powerful and amazing midnight sun, like a triumphal farewell.. This is Træna, very special people, very special instants...

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