All photos are copyrighted under the Copyright Law (auteursrecht).



All photos remain the property of the photographer at all times and everywhere


Credit/Attribution is also required by law: the name of the photographer should be as much as possible stated with the published photos.

I thank you in advance to do your best to state the credits when possible.


The client obtains a license to use the photographs. A usage license determines how and where the photos may be used. The standard license grant the right of using the picture to the client

A license is valid for one entity (person or organization)

When making the offer, clear agreements are made according to your needs.  You are free to use the pictures as you wish within the conditions of this license.



The pictures may not be transferred or sold onwards to 3rd party without consultation and may not be used under another name than the author’s name, for example submitted to a photo contest or an exhibition.


Of course, the photos can be shown to third parties, but any other parties who want to use (reproduce, publish) or buy the pictures should contact me first.


In addition, the photographs may not be edited or transformed without the permission of photographer.



Furthermore, all photos where people may be recognized cannot be published without their permission. You must please arrange this with the people likely to be photographed.


I sometimes use some pictures on my website and / or social media, if you prefer the pictures I took for you not to be used, you can naturally always inform me.


Delivery of the photos

All photos you will receive are reviewed and edited (for example, cropping, color, appearance, black and white…) and delivered as JPEG file. In other words ready to use!

A picture is provided in the highest resolution available.

The resolution depends on the camera used to take the picture and cropping. The pixel width varies mostly from approximately 3500 to 5700 (landscape format). All photos are delivered at least 300 dpi.

Pictures are also available in low resolution upon request

The pictures are delivered digitally within 5 working days and can be downloaded via a link (WeTransfer).

If desired, I can also provide printed photos.


I also offer speed delivery service or USB stick delivery at an address of your choice.


 Full Terms and Conditions




RATES FOR INDIVIDUALS - Private events and photoshoots

( For corporate /commercial/public events please click here )


In principle, I apply the below rates.

There can of course be assignments that do not match the below mentioned rates

I will in that case be happy to send you a tailored offer, please do not hesitate to contact me !

A first meeting to discuss your project is always free and without obligation!


Private event/Party/Birthday…


Half day Photoshoot € 425.00

Full-day Photoshoot  € 850.00


€ 100 euros per extra hour


Prices include:

- Editing/post production work

- Delivery of all the selected photos as high resolution JPEG files as well as small resolution for online use if needed (typically you will receive around 35 edited pictures per hour of shooting, some events as larger parties or weddings may result in a larger amount of pictures)

- Delivery of the photos within 5 working days

- Transport within 30 km from Amsterdam

- License for private use



Transport cost

€ 0,39/km from 30 km outside Amsterdam





• Printing and Enhancements (Glossy or Mat Pro Paper)


For orders of the following sizes, € 3.50 shipping cost will be charged

· 10 x 15    =  € 0.80

· 13 x 19    =  €  1.50

· 20 x 30 =  €  4.00


When ordering larger sizes, € 6.50 shipping cost will be charged

· 30 x 45  = € 7,00

· 40 x 60 = € 15,00

· 50 x 70 = € 20,00


• Speed delivery within 24 hours

For 25% extra, you will receive the pictures within 24hrs


• Delivery on a USB stick

For € 10.00 you will receive the pictures on a USB stick to the address of your choice.


• International assignment

Travel days are calculated on a basis of € 250.00



Prices inclusive VAT