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Photo: Marieke Schilling - Editing: Melanie Lemahieu
Photo: Marieke Schilling - Editing: Melanie Lemahieu

My name is Melanie, originally from France, I have lived and traveled different places before landing by a lovely canal in Amsterdam in 2003.


I’m a passionate and enthusiastic event photographer who focuses on capturing the memorable essence of each event. I offer imagery with a vibrant twist to my clients.


Over the years, I've developed a style of imagery that has real heart & soul.


My goal is to help people building their image, authentically, and bring a story to life with creative and thoughtful photos.


I had the pleasure to cover several public, private or professional events as well as weddings.

I regularly take part in professional meetings at film festivals such as the Rotterdam International Film Festival or the Nederlands Film Festival in Utrecht


Would you like to capture and document the atmosphere, the emotions, the feelings of a crucial professional or private event, a memory of your visit to Amsterdam or a moment of your life?


If the answer is yes, then don't look any further and contact me now! 


Why "Cloud Mine"?

In my mind, the sky and therefore clouds represent thoughts and creativity. They are shaping the sky, they change, they also model the light, important parameter for me as I mainly work on location with available natural light. They also represents simple beauty in life. So I took one of those clouds for me! 


Head in the clouds, feet on the ground! 

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